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The Microsoft Office suite allows Office developers the ability to build solutions that combine the functionality of all the office products into single seamless business processes. VBA for applications within the Office suite allows the automation of one Office product from another.
For example Microsoft Access can open an Excel sheet, import and export data, create an email, attach the spreadsheet and then send it to a mail recipient in a single process.

Import and export data between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel

Automating the import of data from Excel spreadsheets into Access can save a company hours of work and reduce errors from manual data entry. Solutions can be as simple as clicking a button, selecting the Excel file from your network and the data is imported into the database.
The process can be further enhanced by performing data validation to check the data before it is save to the database.
The export of data from Access to Excel is also possible. The export can be in the form of an exporting of data into a new unformatted excel sheet or into an existing preformatted excel sheet.

Export and merge data between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word

The mail merge functionality within Word can be automated from Access with the ability to filter the data that is being merged from a simple interface and selecting the word document to be used from a predefined list of documents. The entire merge process is driven by Access and the output is a populated word document.
An alternative is to populate a word document from Access using bookmarks within a word document. The data exported from Access can be filtered as the export is performed and a word document opened and populated.

Automate Microsoft Outlook from Microsoft Access

We have developed many Microsoft Access databases solutions which automate tasks in Outlook. From Access it is possible to create appointments, contacts and tasks in Outlook. Emails can be created from Access, the To, CC and BCC fields filled, and attachments added from files on the drive and the email sent in a single step.

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How we have helped clients

A western Australian mining company was finding that managing their personnel rosters in Excel was becoming very time consuming.

We developed an Access Database that allows the scheduling of rosters up to a year in advance.

Rosters for individual work groups are able to be exported into Excel and distributed to the staff.
The database is also able to record hours worked, which is export to Excel and imported into SAP.

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