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Microsoft Access Development

Link Microsoft Access to MYOB, QuickBooks or other accounting software

Integrating a Microsoft Access database with your existing Accounting package can increase the productivity of your business. The benefits of linking Microsoft Access to your Accounting systems are;

  • Elimination of duplicate data.  Save time and money and maintain a single list of client information. Instead of maintaining a client list in your accounting system and a separate list in your Access database, maintain a single client list in your Accounting system, which is then displayed and used in your Microsoft Access database as needed.

  • Transfer information automatically between Microsoft Access and your accounting system. An An integrated system allows data to be transferred from any table in your Microsoft Access to any table in your accounting software. This automation will eliminate data entry errors and free up human resources to be used elsewhere in the organisation.

  • Increase the reporting possibilities of your organisation. Microsoft Access has an extremely powerful reporting engine, and with data from your accounting system available in your Access database, your reporting options are no longer limited to the design of your accounting system.

Business Databases Australia has developed a number of a Microsoft Access databases which have integrated data from a Microsoft Access database into different accounting systems. We can guarantee that you will get the same great results as our clients and be delighted with the productivity gains to your company.

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