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Development of Access into multi user network applications

Microsoft Access has been designed to be a multi user application that is shared on network resources. The levels of performance of Access as a networked application are directly determined by the design stage

Access can be used out of the box as a network application that can be shared by multi users on a network. This configuration is however not the most efficient design and does reduce the performance of any Access application.

There are a number of multi user configurations thatthat can be incorporated into the design of an Access database to optimise an application for user on a network. Each design increases the reliability and performance for an application and the client has the option to move to the next level.

Business databases are very experienced in the development of multi user networked applications with the successful implementation of systems to many companies within Australia. We assess the requirements for each project on a case by case basis and recommend a design configuration. Attendance at numerous training courses in Australia and overseas enables us to provide the most efficient and reliable software applications in the industry.

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We developed multi user Microsoft Access database by default so if you need to improve the productivity of your database give us a call

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